The Decade Speaks
20h55 2nd,

What do ordinary South Africans feel about the first decade of democracy? What have their experiences been? Do they have a more positive attitude about themselves and their futures? The answers to these and similar questions were what NEMISA set out to find and broadcast in The Decade Speaks, a 13-part documentary series that was aired on 14 SABC Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) radio stations. The series was produced in 13 South African languages. It was the first time that NEMISA had embarked on a project of this nature and magnitude. The series was produced in partnership with SABC Education. The Decade Speaks gave an opportunity to budding radio producers, the majority of whom were NEMISA graduates. This project has paved a way for future projects of a similar nature.

The project ran between October 2003 and November 2004, and was led by Andrew Ntsele as the Executive Editor. It was made possible by the Department of Communications.