NEMISA Content Enterprises
20h52 2nd,

NEMISA is positioning itself as the content hub primarily for government and State-owned Entities (SoE’s). For NEMISA to operate as a content hub, it will generate multimedia content or materials using ICT tools and refined skills in the identified fields of need.

This shall be achieved through:

  • Proactively identifying government content production needs, and proposing solutions to them
  • Proposing co-production and straight commissioning deals with the broadcasters in the market
  • Forming a strategic partnership with the GCIS for referral of their productions to NEMISA
  • Getting into joint ventures with other players in the private sector so as to leverage on each other’s strengths

This will be done in the areas of television (video), radio (audio) and multimedia productions. NEMISA will commission some work to other producers in the market. An element of using some of our excellent graduates will be incorporated. The quality of the work done will be on par, if not better than other serious players in the market.

NEMISA has experience in producing multilingual productions for web, radio and television, like the Heritage portal in eleven languages, Bantfu Embili series for radio and television, and The Decade Speaks. A documentary in English and French was also produced in the Democratic Republic of Congo leading to the first elections in more than forty years. NEMISA has been involved in co-productions like Flowers of the Revolution and the Magic Cellar. Productions are also done for non-broadcast purposes which include training and special events DVD’s. NEMISA is also in the forefront of developing the country as an animation hub. NEMISA is taking strides in establishing itself as a content generator for mobile telephony operators.

The Content Development Unit is staffed by people with vast experience in multimedia, including television, radio, animation, interactive media and desktop publishing.