Bantfu Television Series
20h49 2nd,

The first television programme, produced by NEMISA graduates was broadcast from between June 2005 and February 2006 on SABC2 at 22:00. The programme was originally scheduled for August 2005, but the national broadcaster was eager to have the programme on air earlier, and the NEMISA team responded like true professionals.

Bantfu Embili tackled issues related to government services delivery. It aimed to provide South Africans with a platform from which to make their government accountable. Amongst the issues featured in the series were: Sanitation, housing, billing, health facilities, and other services that government undertakes to deliver to the people of South Africa.

The stories are told through the experiences of individuals who believe that the government or a government agency has failed to deliver. Bantfu Embili tries to resolve the problems by introducing the complainant to the authorities. Not all problems are necessarily completely resolved, yet all demonstrate some of the difficulties that many ordinary citizens can face in accessing government services. The programme also shows the many successes that have been achieved by the government over the years.

The series was produced entirely by NEMISA, in partnership with SABC Education.