ANIMATION Master Class incubation project
13h25, Thursday
17th December


National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa (NEMISA) and Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) in anticipation of the creative master class workshops are looking for story ideas to develop into a ground breaking 30 seconds x 12 episode 2D animated series primarily for online and mobile consumption. The brief is looking for 16 ideas to incubate, with the best idea to be earmarked for possible production in 2017.
The incubation period will be for 7 weeks at NEMISA .


  • 1 x 2 page Step Outline/ Proposal
  • 1 x completed script for all 12 episodes ( 6 pages)
  • At least 4 x characters design (model sheets)
  • 1 x background interior setting
  • 1 x background exterior setting

The target market is 16 – 35 age group, people who have access to YouTube, who are used to downloading and streaming content on their phones. The story/idea must appeal to this audience and be structured in a way that will constantly bring back the viewers to watch.


Ideas can only be in 2D animation.
No live action. No 3D animation.
There are no genre limitations.


Submission to be emailed to NEMISA by Monday 11 January 2016, by 12 pm
to You may Call 079 517 8377 for more details


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