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National Digital Repository Documentary Series brief 2012

Contact Thabang Phetla on: 011 484 0583, The onus is on you to confirm that we received your proposal.

Factual / Documentary

13 x 48’



 Background / Overview:

The National Digital Repository serves to collect, preserve, promote and disseminate South Africa's cultural heritage through young South Africans telling their own stories from their own communities. Thus far the primary point of dissemination has been the site

In 2012 the project takes the dissemination of our cultural heritage one step further through the medium of broadcast television. This marks an ambitious plan to improve the quality, creativity, value of the information and videos produced by the NDR. Ultimately the series will be for international and local release

What is the objective?

We are looking for proposals, at least one documentary proposal per province that will be developed into an hour long documentary as part of 13 part series of documentaries dealing with SA heritage. To be aired in September 2012. The documentaries are to be of very high standard, very creative and innovative, well researched and well executed. They are to also embrace a multimedia feel.

The proposals should explore ideas or tell stories to do with one or the combination of the following themes:

  • Traditional and archaeological heritage
  • Spiritual healing
  • Performing arts and dance
  • Arts and craft
  • Traditional healing methods and medicine
  • Ancestral belief
  • Traditional food
  • Military heritage
  • Freedom heritage

Preferably the proposals will tell stories reflecting the author’s community or province. The series would like to reflect the rich cultural heritage of South Africa in a ground breaking way.

The author of the selected proposal will automatically be given the role of researcher with option of directing the documentary based on profile, experience and the discretion of the selection committee made up of NEMISA and the PNC on ISAD

Creative Requirements

-       Proposal to demonstrate thorough research

-       Proposal to think of innovative way of shooting, editing and use of motion graphics, simple animation and photography in the final product

-       An adherence to the proposal guidelines

-       Vernacular to be promoted in the documentaries

-       Identify possible interviewees

-       Entertainingly serious


Visual References

-       Freakonomics

-       Bowling for Columbine

-       Come Guerilla

-       Cosmic Africa

Submission Requirements

    -    Proposal to adhere to format as per proposal guideline

    -    A budget breakdown

    -   The proposal should have background, synopsis, treatment, production schedule, detailed budget

    -   A profile of author

    -   An indication of what capacity outside of researcher would the author be prepared to work at on this project

Target audience

-       16 – 35 years old

-       Academics, young people who may not be aware of this heritage

Guide cost: R4000 cost per minute

Closing date for submission: 16 March 2012 by 12 o’ clock. Submission to be emailed to

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