The Television Course is a one year programme. Being both a theoretical and a practical programme learners are exposed to the art of genuine production early on in the course when they attempt an interview. Learning from this practice they move onto producing a visual poetry interpretation, a documentary, studio work, a Public Service announcement and a drama.All the learners partake in initial foundational skills six month programme wherein they experience learning in: production, script, research, camera and technical fields, post production and core skills. During this time they cover a variety of production types and this experience ensures that the learner has a foundation in shorter form production as well as studio operations.

At the end of this period the learner chooses a specialization. Although all learners still participate in modules covering research, script and production they can choose to specialize in either camera or post production.

NEMISA’s television department is committed in its dedication to constantly reviewing its training methods and this year has initiated learning in a new module called VISCA – Visual Imagery, Structure and Content Analysis. During this time learners are exposed to productions of various types which are analysed for their technical, creative, structural and content elements. In this way learners are taught how the elements come together in the whole and what they contribute to the success or failure of the production.

List of Lecturing Staff

  1. 01 – Script writing info
  2. 02 – Research and Documentary info
  3. 03 – Core Facilitator info
  4. 04 – Skills Facilitator info

Admmission Requirements

  • Matric/Grade 12/NQF Level 4 Related Qualification,
  •  Mathematics & English at NQF Level 4, Entrance
  • Exam, and Visual Portfolio.
Annaul: R 18, 600.00
Registration: R 1, 860.00
Structure: R 16, 740.00
Jobs Opportunities

·         2nd or 3rd Assistant Director
·         Production Manager
·         Production Assistant
·         Production Coordinator
·         Script-writer
·         Cameraman or woman
·         Camera Assistant
·         Focus Puller
·         VT Operator
·         Lighting Assistance
·         Editor
·         Continuity
·         Logger/ Digitiser
·         Boom Operator


CIT:Y (TV catergory) (2009)