Courses Introduction

NEMISA came into being as an institution of education and learning, specializing in teaching the production and technical skills applicable to the TV, radio and broadcasting industries. Formed as part of a government initiative in 1998, its fundamental purpose is to train previously disadvantaged individuals, particularly women, and equip them with the skills necessary to play significant roles in the broadcasting environment.

NEMISA is an accredited MAPPP-SETA Training Provider (MAPP NOATA 080130) offering qualifications in the following areas:

  • Radio Production,
  • Television Production,
  • Animation Design, and
  • Graphic Design for Multimedia

All NEMISA’s Training programmes and short courses are SAQA, NQF or MAPPP-SETA aligned and compliant. NEMISA follows a policy of Stakeholder engagement, ensuring that our training effectively prepares our learners for gainful employment in the media industry. Our facilitators are experienced experts in their fields, our assessors and moderators trained in successfully recognizing true competence in our learners.

The qualifications we train against are:

  • SAQA ID 62069 - National Certificate: Radio Production – Level 5 
  • SAQA ID 49127 - Further Education and Training Certificate: Design Foundation – Level 4
  • SAQA ID 61450 - Further Education and Training Certificate: Film and Television Production Operations – Level 4
  • SAQA ID 58394 - National Certificate: Film and Television Production – Level 5
  • SAQA ID 57611 - National Certificate: 2D Animation – Level 5
  • SAQA ID 57607 - National Certificate: 3D Animation and Visual Effects – Level 5
  • SAQA ID 48810 - Bachelor of Design – Level 6

NEMISA is a state-owned-enterprise (SOE) recognized by the Department of Education.