The Campuses

NEMISA was established as an institution of higher learning in 1998 and began training in Broadcasting in 2000. The introduction of the Creative Multimedia programmes followed in 2001. At the time, none of the country’s institutions of higher learning offered comprehensive and dedicated hands-on tuition of the intricacies of the emerging digital communications technologies.

Today, the information and communication technologies (ICTs) are revolutionizing societies and economies.

These digital technologies are transforming the way electronic content is produced, packaged and transmitted, while at the same time providing access to vital information as well as impacting on productivity and outputs across markets.

For these reasons, NEMISA was repositioned to offer meaningful, industry-aligned coursework covering the entire spectrum of the media production value chain. This newly revitalized institution will offer training in all disciplines essential in the emerging world where video, sound, graphics, animation, telephony and data meet in the merger of computers, satellites, television and Internet. It is this mix of communications matter that is broadly labelled “convergence”, which holds the key to a large part of our future.

With convergence and digital migration with us, there is an increasing demand for staff in critical areas; from more traditional skills such as broadcast engineering and project management, to the new media arena such as Video-on-demand and Internet Television (IPTV)

Our strategy is to turn NEMISA into a reliable source of digital talent that will address the needs of the broader

ICT sector. We are marching forward with vigour and purpose to train the next generation of South Africans on how to make their own unique contribution to the rapidly evolving world of multimedia communications.

The Campuses