Technological Innovation – NEMISA's Philosophy.

If one thing is certain it is that the pace of technological change will continue to accelerate. NEMISA will therefore ensure that a sustainable technology strategy is deployed; a strategy that provides graduates with the skills, not only to be productive in the current working environment but to remain relevant beyond the technology of today. The technology focus will be on training thinkers and to instill in graduates the expectation of, (and a love of), a lifetime of learning.

In order to train based on the market demand NEMISA aims to present courses and programmes in close co-operation with expert input of experts in the field and the respective suppliers of the proprietary software and equipment used.

NEMISA is equipped with superb training facilities. These include radio production studios, a Television production studio several video editing suits and an audio final mix facility. The creative multimedia, editing and animation programmes are supported through computer labs and significant IT infrastructure.